Tom Hardy Is Venom But Don’t Expect To See Him Just Yet!

Tom Hardy Is Venom But Don’t Expect To See Him Just Yet!

Sony has unveiled the first trailer for Venom starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. But where’s Venom?

To my knowledge Venom has only made one live-action appearance so far and that was a part of Sam Raimi’s’ Spider-Man 3.

Director Sam Raimi had already chosen his villains for the film, Sandman and the Vulture (Sir Ben Kingsley was in negotiations at the time). Producer Avi Arad convinced Sam to add Venom into the mix as the character has a large fanbase and Eddie Brock was already in the script albeit in a minor role.

The finished film of Spider-Man 3 is a bit of a mess with too many characters and you could tell that Venom was kind of squeezed in there but he was visually impressive.

Now Venom has his own movie with Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock, the poor guy that somehow comes into contact with the alien symbiote, thus creating the powerful creature.

Whilst Venom is a Marvel character, they have no involvement with this film as it has been produced by Columbia Pictures and is being distributed by Sony Pictures.

It is set to be the first film of a Sony Marvel Universe that will co-exist with Marvel’s own hugely successful cinematic universe. Although, Sony hopes there may be crossovers later down the line with Spider-Man.

I have to warn you that photography on this film only just finished in January, so don’t expect too much from this first teaser.

Title: Venom

Release | US: 5th October | UK: 5th October | World: IMDb



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