Touch and DJ Matto pay tribute to an unofficial Blade Runner spin-off [Video]

Touch and DJ Matto pay tribute to an unofficial Blade Runner spin-off [Video]

‘Soldier’ is the first single from the forthcoming new album ‘Electric Sheep’ from Touch and DJ Matto. The track pays tribute to an unofficial movie spin-off to Blade Runner.

‘Electric Sheep’ drops this Friday (August 28th) via Hand’Solo Records. The title of the album is taken, in part, from Philip. K. Dick’s seminal science fiction novel, ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?‘. Ridley Scott would famously adapt the story for the cinematic sci-fi classic, ‘Blade Runner’.

Within the same futuristic universe, ‘Soldier’ pays tribute to the 1998 movie of the same name. Considered an unofficial spin-off to ‘Blade Runner’, the film starred Kurt Russell. ‘Soldier’ tells the story of genetically selected humans bred for war, the predecessors to the genetically modified humans and, ultimately, the synthetics soon to replace them.

‘Electric Sheep’ is available to pre-order now via Hand’Solo Records in both digital and physical formats. The album is released on August 28th.

About Touch & DJ Matto | With his new album, Electric Sheep, Touch explores artificial intelligence, cyberpunk, futurism, and humanity as a social animal. Continuing his collaborations with a single producer, the Edmonton MC is joined by DJ Matto, previously of Vancouver, BC, horrorcore rap duo Hidden Fortress and currently holding down multiple MCs as DJ and producer in Fukuoka, Japan. DJ Matto’s crisp mix of heavy drums, deep bass, and haunting synth sound as if the music is emanating from an off-world colony and beamed directly into your mind, while the choruses consist primarily of his consummate cuts, a constant reminder that the album is also an exploration of hip hop.

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