Track Santa this Christmas Eve with Google maps

Track Santa this Christmas Eve with Google maps

It’s that most magical time of the year and Santa Claus is on his way. Luckily we can track his every move.

Oh the joys of Christmas! Last minute shopping in overcrowded stores with a hangover from last night’s office party. You’re ugly sweater rolling up over your belly as the fifteen pre-Christmas, festive meals take their toll. The anxiety of hanging out with the in-laws whilst you pickle your liver with sherry. Such a happy time!

Cynicism aside, there’s nothing better than the giddy excitement of kids on Christmas Eve. There’s a buzz, a smile and the ritual of leaving a treat out for Father Christmas and his reindeer.

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But such is the instant gratification demanded by kids these days, they have to know exactly where the bearded purveyor of festive cheer is at any given moment on Christmas Eve. Well, there are any number of Santa Claus tracker apps available, but probably the easiest way to follow Saint Nick’s progress is by using one you most likely have already.

In a recent update Google Maps reinstated their annual Santa Tracker feature. On December 24th tap on Settings, Location Sharing, and there you’ll find that Santa has shared his location with you. What a helpful old chap.

Merry Christmas!

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