Transformers Devastation | The Game You Wanted In 1984

Transformers Devastation | The Game You Wanted In 1984

A new Transformers game from Activision uses a unique visual style that will strike a chord in the hearts of any fan of the original 1980’s cartoon.

There have been Transformers games ever since the toy that could turn from vehicle to robot and back again was released in the early 1980s. As the merchandise grew it was inevitable it would spread to video games and I remember playing an incarnation on my ZX Spectrum back in the day.

As the years went by, computers grew more powerful and so did the visuals. Transformers games, as did all the others, became to look more impressive.

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The latest game however has possibly taken a leaf out of the fashion book that says retro is very much in the “in thing” right now. The game looks just like the original classic Transformers cartoon from 1984. Activision has even been smart enough to match the visuals by employing the voice artists from the original cartoon as well.

Hopefully the gameplay will match the visuals.

Transfomers Devastation will be released on Playstation 3 & 4 in October.


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