Trap Toys introduce their latest bootleg. The Fresh Prince of Eternia.

Trap Toys introduce their latest bootleg. The Fresh Prince of Eternia.

Bootleg toy makers, Trap Toys, have announced their latest reason to throw your money at them. Mashing up The Fresh Prince with He-Man.

Notorious for their hip-hop / pop-culture mashups, Trap Toys have thrown together Action Bronson and the Simpsons and Run The Jewels with Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Check out our previous post for a look at a wider range of their past work. Though other collaborations including Slim Shady x Street Fighter and Tupac x RoboCop have also been released.

The boys from Trap Toys have even mashed up N.W.A. legend, Eazy-E, with He-Man for their ‘Eazy-He’ toy. Now they’re revisiting Eternia for their latest culture clash.

Fresh Prince of Eternia

Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air forms the inspiration for ‘The Fresh Prince of Eternia’ toy that finds the character re-imagined with He-Man’s physique. The toy is clothed in quintessentially 90’s gear synonymous with Smith’s on-screen persona and comes with some accessories essential to the era.

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The Fresh Prince toy comes with a walkman, basketball (for shooting outside if the school), sunglasses and wears Nike Air Jordan’s to set the look off. In addition, any prince of Eternia needs a sword and this Prince’s is vivid blue.

Designed in collaboration once more with Dan Evans, the toy forms part of Clutter Magazine‘s ‘[In]Action Figures 7’ group show that opens on the 9th February in Beacon, NY.

A limited edition run of fifty toys in 15 variants will be released towards the end of February. To keep up to date with the news be sure to follow Trap Toys on Instagram.

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