Tremors Trailer Reveals The Series We’ll Never See!

Tremors Trailer Reveals The Series We’ll Never See!

This trailer for a Tremors TV series looks great! It’s a shame Syfy have aborted it!

The Tremors franchise has been releasing films ever since the original was released in 1990. Starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, the original film dealt with the small town of Perfection which comes under attack from strange underground creatures.

The film wasn’t really a big hit but has since gone on to claim a cult status over the years with fans coming to love the film on VHS and then later on DVD. Universal Pictures caught the whiff of this fandom and has been releasing straight to DVD sequels ever since with the sixth entry into this tale, Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell, released just this month.

Syfy (or The Sci-Fi Channel as it was known back then) did commision a Tremors television show for its network in 2003, but after thirteen episodes of poor ratings, they pulled the plug. It didn’t help that the episodes were broadcast out of order either!

In June of 2017, Syfy ordered a pilot show for a new Tremors show but this time bringing back the hero of the original film, Earl Valentine who would be played once again by Kevin Bacon. The small town of Perfection comes under attack from the Graboids once again, but Earl will also have to overcome his age, alcoholism and a delusional hero complex in order to save the day.

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It’s unknown if this series was to be a direct sequel to the original film or if it came later in the Tremors timeline.

I have to admit, as a Tremors fan, this trailer got me excited for the show, especially with the return of Kevin Bacon. Sadly, based on the pilot that was shot, Syfy decided not to go ahead with the series. I can only hope for two possible outcomes. Either the pilot is leaked onto the internet or Syfy is gauging the reaction to this trailer and will change their minds.

You can see the trailer and judge for yourself. Let us know if you would’ve like to have seen a new Tremors series.


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