Two Motion Posters Tease Upcoming Hellboy Reboot

Two Motion Posters Tease Upcoming Hellboy Reboot

The marketing campaign for the Hellboy reboot gets underway with the release of two motion posters

I’m in two minds about the new Hellboy reboot coming next year. I’m saddened that we won’t get the final part of director Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy trilogy starring Ron Pearlman as the titular character.

Yet, on the other hand, we are still getting a new Hellboy movie from Neil Marshell who directed the films Descent, Dog Soldiers and numerous television episodes including Westworld, Lost In Space, Black Sails and Game Of Thrones.

Hellboy himself is this time being played by actor David Harbour, best known as the sheriff Jim Hopper from Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things.

With around four months until the films April release, many of us Hellboy fans have started to worry at the lack of any promotional material.

All we’ve had so far is the first official look at Harbour as Hellboy released near the end of filming in December of last year. The first official still from the film was exclusively released by Empire Magazine several weeks ago (which I have used as the title picture above).

Those lucky enough to attend the New York Comic Con in October were able to visit a Hellboy panel where a special two-minute selection of footage was played for those in attendance.

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Now it looks like things are heating up for the rest of us as two motion posters have been released for the new reboot. The first was released by the Official Hellboy Movie twitter account.


The second poster, which I find much more appealing, was revealed on David Harbour’s Instagram account.


As you can see from the accompanying text, we will have our first proper look at Hellboy when the first trailer drops on Thursday. Come back to the Unheard Nerd for that one!

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