UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | Akira

UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | Akira

Here at The Unheard Nerd we welcome all kinds of media and will gladly share our findings from the net with you the reader. As your probably already aware, I love film and in a semi regular feature I will share with you some of the excellent short films hiding away on the internet.

Akira, the full length animated cartoon that started my teenage appreciation for Japanese animation. The film was an adaptation of the long running manga series and only covers the first half of the epic story.

Warner Bros sat up and took notice and acquired the live action film rights in the early 2000s. Especially in the last few years, there has been an ongoing attempt to adapt Akira to the big screen with many citing the project as unfilmable.

But why wait when you can do it yourself! What started as an idea over a beer, turned into an indiegogo crowd sourcing campaign. Then three days of filming followed by a year and a half of post production with contributions from over forty artists in twelve different countries.

The final result is an impressive trailer for a live action version of Akira. The trailer features many of Akira’s key moments which will be instantly recognisable to the fans of the film.

Hollywood, now its your turn…


Find out more at The Akira Project.



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John Abbitt

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@UKFilmNerd | John loves the movies and he used to write for his own website, The Tydirium Hangar Bay, in the late 1990's. Whilst the web page idea became lost in the passages of time, John's love of film did not. Now he's back, writing for The Unheard Nerd.

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