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UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | Another World

Here at The Unheard Nerd we welcome all kinds of media and will gladly share our findings from the net with you the reader. As your probably already aware, I love film and in a semi regular feature I will share with you some of the excellent short films hiding away on the internet.

Another world (Out Of This World for North America) was a home computer game released for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST in 1991. It caused quite a stir at the time due to the unique look of the games visuals.

In the early nineties 3D gaming was still very basic and everything was in 2D. Much like film animation, games were created with sprites, a set of images shown quickly in succession to give the illusion that the character is walking, jumping or firing a weapon for example. Storing all of this little images takes up precious computer memory which back then was only 512MB for the Amiga and ST.

The creator of Another World, Eric Chahi, decided to use polygons to create his characters instead. This meant that the computer only had to remember co-ordinates for each shape on screen which used far less memory.

Take a look at the games introduction sequence and you’ll see what I mean. (Please note this video is taken from a recent high resolution version of the game but it still uses the same form of animation.)

The game was a great success and has had re-releases with both a 15th and 20th anniversary editions as well as being ported to many different systems both officially and unofficially. The game even had a limited edition boxed cartridge release for the Atari Jaguar in 2012!

A group of Polish film makers took inspiration from the game to create a video to promote a gaming event known as Pixel Heaven 2014. The project grew larger and larger and the finished film is a live action re-enactment of the games opening sequence. They are hoping to raise more money to enable them to create a fifteen minute short film based within the Another World universe.

You can find out more by visiting there website, Another World – The Movie.

The game Another Word also has an official website here.

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