UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | Batman Vs The Terminator

UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | Batman Vs The Terminator

Here at The Unheard Nerd we welcome all kinds of media and will gladly share our findings from the net with you the reader. As your probably already aware, I love film and in a semi regular feature I will share with you some of the excellent short films hiding away on the internet.

Character crossovers are not something new and have been around for many years. Some favourites from my younger days include Alien Vs Predator which was allowed since both are owned by 20th Century Fox. Another was a short comic run entitled Robocop Vs Terminator, again this was possible because the now long defunct Orion Pictures owned both properties.

But when you get different ownership of properties, its not se easy. For example Spider-Man will almost never appear in the Marvel films because he is owned by Sony Pictures. So it’s down to the fans to use their creative minds to bring us these collaborations we’d almost never see in the cinema.

In February 2014, a short film was uploaded onto YouTube by Mitchell Hammond entitled Batman Vs The Terminator. He included a short background text to introduce the context of the film.

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“30 years have passed since Bruce Wayne survived Skynet’s nuclear blasts in August of ’97. Iron demons now roam the planet, and without the requirement to defend the innocent against crime and injustice, Wayne has seeked refuge in the bomb shelter that saved his life; the Batcave. Having scavenged the wasteland for resources, he discovers the radio of a dead soldier. There is static over a frequency. Flesh and blood is rising up to the west. With The Stinger; a riot control vehicular unit built before the apocalypse along with a refitted bomb blast vest, Batman makes his way across what remains of the United States to join forces with the man determined to neutralize the electronic menace – John Conner.”

I’m pleased to say I think this fan film came out very well and as usual with my favourite short films, it stops short leaving you wanting more.


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