UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | Star Trek: Axanar

UKFilmNerd’s Shorts | Star Trek: Axanar

Here at The Unheard Nerd we welcome all kinds of media and will gladly share our findings from the net with you the reader. As your probably already aware, I love film and in a semi regular feature I will share with you some of the excellent short films hiding away on the internet.

Star Trek fan films are nothing new but the production quality of these productions is rising steadily over the years. One of the latest films is Star Trek: Axanar, the story of the four year war between the Federation and the Klingons.

The short film has been created as a documentary with characters reliving the history of what happened in the events leading up the the four year war and the importance of a man who would become an idol of Captain Kirk, the Starfleet Captain, Kelvar Leonard Garth. These interviews are inter-cut with footage of the events as they happened.

I’m a casual Star Trek fan with a bigger appreciation of the Next Generation adventures and the following films including the J.J. Abrams reboot. Star Trek Axanar had me riveted from the beginning and I screamed out in annoyance that the film ends with a cliffhanger.

ST: Axanar is professionally filmed with actors you’ll recognise from film and television including Tony Todd (Candyman) and Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galatica) amongst others including some Star Trek regulars. The CGI work on the space scenes is also extremely good.

The twenty minute video is basically a teaser for a feature film they wish to produce that will depict the events of the four year war and they were asking for $100,00. I expect they were quite surprised when after the short film was shown at this years San Diego Comic Con fans showed their appreciation and support by donating a total of $638,471!

Now with over six times the amount they were asking for, I eagerly await the results!

You can find out more at the official Star Trek: Axanar site.

John Abbitt

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