UKFilmNerd’s Trailer Roundup | W/E 14th Feb

UKFilmNerd’s Trailer Roundup | W/E 14th Feb

UKFilmNerd brings you the best of the most recent trailers released over the past week.

Due to real life, #FirstWorldProblems and all that, I have been unable to update the site with some of the most recent trailers. So here we are with a bumper crop of six of the latest trailers of films coming your way later this year.

The Darkness

When a family return from their family vacation, a trip to the Grand Canyon, they discover they’ve unwittingly returned with a supernatural presence.

I Don’t normally go for the horror genre but seeing as this film stars Kevin Bacon, it had me intrigued. I just hope that every single scare/jump has been included in the trailer because it sure looks like it!

Title: The Darkness | Release Date US: 13th May | UK: 13th May



The Huntsman: Winter’s War (Trailer #2)

Chris Hemsworth returns as Eric The Huntsman along with Charlize Theron as Ravenna the evil queen in this film which apparently acts as both a sequel and a prequel to the original Snow White and the Huntsman.

Title: The Huntsman: Winter’s War | Release Date US: 22nd April | UK: 8th April




Having recently watched Self/Less, a body swap sci-fi film starring Ryan Reynolds, I see there is another with a similiar plot released later this year. Although Reynolds features, it is Kevin Costner who is taking the lead role in Criminal.

When a CIA agent (Reynolds) is killed in the line of duty his mind is implanted into another man so they can discover what he knew. The problem is the new donor is an unpredictable and dangerous convict (Costner).

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Title: Criminal | Release Date US: 15th April | UK: 15th April



Hardcore Henry

We last saw a variation of this trailer back in September when it was simply known as Hardcore. Now entitled Harcore Henry, the film has finally been given some international release dates.

This is an action movie that has been filmed entirely from the main protagonists point of view and looks quite simply nuts!

Title: Hardcore Henry | Release Date US: March | UK: 8th April



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Final Trailer)

With the release of this epic battle between two of the world’s most famous superheroes almost upon us, Warner Bros release the final trailer for the film. It just happens to be the best trailer yet in my opinion. Also is it just me or does this portray the film as a Batman centric story where occasionally Superman turns up?

Title: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Release Date US: 25th March | UK: 25th March



High Rise

Based on the original novel by J.G. Ballard, this is the story of the inhabitants of a unique tower block. The richer you are, the better life you live on the uppers floor. The poor however have to struggle on the lower floors of this seemingly self contained building. Soon violent tribes are formed and the equilibrium of the tower block comes under attack.

Title: High Rise | Release Date US: 28th March (VOD) | UK: 18th April



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