Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! | Thirst Trap | Video + New Album

Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! | Thirst Trap | Video + New Album

Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! see out the summer with ‘Thirst Trap’, a cool jam for a hot day.

As the summer draws to a close Ultra Magnus and DJ SLAM! channel ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ with this easy-on-the-ear track taken from their new album.

Filmed on the streets of Toronto the video sets the scene for the last few days of summer, and if you look closely at you might just see a dancing Wordburglar. Who knew he had such moves? ‘Thirst Trap’ sets the standard for the new album.

Released via Hand’ Solo Records in it’s twentieth anniversary year, the album titled ‘Opus Magnus’ is the sophomore long player from Ultra Magnus and DJ SLAM!

The pair’s individual skills combine like Voltron to form something more than the sum of its parts. SLAM! provides solid beats merged with seamless samples and fresh cuts whilst Ultra Magnus lays down accomplished vocals.

Where ‘Thirst Trap’ takes influence from golden age hip-hop, elsewhere on ‘Opus Magnus’ you’ll find a more contemporary sound for the most part. Thrown into the mix is a jungle flavour on the appropriately titled ‘Junglist Soldier’ which features Kondriah & Practical Stylist and my stand-out track is ‘Bossanova’ which introduces a classical and choral sound into the mix.

The odd skit does little to enhance or detract from the release, musos might prefer to skip them as they break up the flow of the tracklisting whereas nerdier listeners might enjoy some of the references. Ultimately Ultra Magnus and DJ SLAM! excel at presenting accessible hip-hop that conveys quality and craftsmanship.

‘Opus Magnus’ is available to download now for $8. To purchase a physical copy you’ll need to drop $9 plus shipping. Check out the Hand’ Solo Records bandcamp page to purchase or stream now.

About Ultra Magnus and DJ SLAM! | Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! is everything the world needs during these tumultuous uncertain times. Another DJ and the 10,000th rapper this week, and from Canada, no less. But what sets this duo apart from the rest is they make music not for their contemporaries but for dental assistants, public servants, Puerto Rican goths, Filipino vampires, sexual deviants, 1990s ravers, dads, people with three dads, your dad, Big Daddy Kane, and you. Yes, even you, rap fan, should find something to like in the rhythmic bleating of Ultra Magnus and the steady beatitude of DJ SLAM!.

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