Ultraklystron | Unwarranted Self Importance | Album

Ultraklystron | Unwarranted Self Importance | Album

Producer and rapper Ultraklystron drops his seventh studio album, Unwarranted Self Importance. 

I didn’t get on at all well with Ultraklystron’s last album Animatic, a 38 track behemoth that, in my opinion, lacked cohesion and spark. It’s with a certain sense of relief then that Unwarranted Self Importance comes across as a very different beast.

Where I struggled to stay with Animatic past track five I found no such problem with this seventh studio album, everything flows smoothly, Ultraklystron’s varied influences are in evidence but never at the consequence of maintaining a fluidity throughout. There’s a subtlety to each track that hints at a measured approach to the writing process. Less wilfully alternative, more rounded and accomplished with, at times, a mainstream sensibility breaking the surface.

Programmed beats and synths blend harmoniously, there are no sharp corners to get snagged on but plenty of subtle nerdy references in the lyrics to keep the Nerdcore faithful satiated. Fifteen tracks form a big album but again, it’s far more manageable than it’s thirty eight track predecessor (The Deluxe version, a shorter free version was available too), forming an all-round, less daunting prospect.

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Unwarranted Self Importance stands head and shoulders above Ultraklystron’s last effort, and I’m pleased. I wanted to like Animatic, I really did… I do like this album, I really do.

Download Unwarranted Self Importance from bandcamp as a name your price release now.


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