Uncommon Nasa Tackles Mortality | Halfway

Uncommon Nasa Tackles Mortality | Halfway

New York rapper Uncommon Nasa reflects on middle age and mortality in his latest album Halfway.

With every life comes a moment of realisation that you’re at or close to half way through your natural existence. What have you achieved? What do you aspire to be and do? How will you fulfil your potential and will you even have that opportunity? It seems these questions are preying on the mind of Uncommon Nasa as he vocalises this process on his new album Halfway, twelve tracks of part introspective, part social observation. Mortality and death are the recurring theme inspired by the passing of a family member.

Not just pondering his own inevitable time of exit from this existence, Uncommon Nasa hits hard with his social commentary of recent and increasing instances of police brutality, in particular the murder of Eric Garner at the hands of an NYPD officer. Far from being a morbid account, Halfway is thought provoking in its lyrics and sobering in its truths.

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Production comes from Black-Tokyo who has collaborated with Uncommon Nasa on other projects in recent history. The result is a musically more fluid record than you would find in Nasa’s self produced releases. Whilst Nasa is known for pushing boundaries through his progressive style and irregular beat patterns, Halfway is still obviously attributable to the vocalist/producer through his distinct delivery and flow and maintains a rawness and independent flavour whilst utilising a more conventional structure though each of its twelve tracks.

The liner notes for Halfway allude to difficulties finalising the album with a troublesome mixing process, Nasa relied on the clarity and help of others to bring the record to life. Seems somewhat ironic.

Standout track: The Study

Halfway is available to download now for $8 via bandcamp with pre-orders being taken for a clear vinyl physical release at $20.

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