UNDONE X Wonder Woman 84 – Limited Women’s Collection

UNDONE X Wonder Woman 84 – Limited Women’s Collection

Undone launches a new limited edition collection paying tribute to women across the globe through their new ‘Wonder Woman 84’ watches.

The latest collection from watch manufacturers, Undone, not only celebrates the release of ‘Wonder Woman 84’ in cinemas, but aims to pay tribute to women across the world. Drawing inspiration from Wonder Woman, the message is one of belief – “You’ll never know how powerful you are until you accept the power within you“.

Two new timepieces draw on aesthetic elements of Wonder Woman’s iconic costume and incorporates them into stunning watch designs that balance style with practicality. Echoing the colours of Wonder Woman’s armour, the watches come with either a sapphire or ruby face. A stainless steel casing is finished in rose gold.

As we’ve come to expect from Undone, these watches take a subtle approach to a superhero tie-in allowing consumers to literally wear their fandom on their sleeve in a mature way that doesn’t compromise professionalism. With this in mind the watch face carries further elements of Wonder Woman’s costume that only fans will pick up on.

A gold, eight-pointed star, reminiscent of the one found in Wonder Woman’s tiara, sits at the 12’o’clock position and carries a genuine diamond. Similarly subtle is the counter balance on the second hand where you’ll find the golden eagle emblem synonymous with the character.

Only the ‘8’ and ‘4’ number indices are present as a clever nod the title of the film. Even the brown leather strap ties into Diana Prince with a nod to the sandals natives would wear in her homeland of Themyscira.

Once more it pays to flip an Undone watch as there’s commonly super detail to be found on the underside. In this instance we find the words “Truth, Love & Justice” with an image of Wonder Woman counter set within the lettering.

Undone X Wonder Woman 84 watches launch on December 22nd and a strictly limited to 100 of each colour. Keep an eye on undone.com to snap up one of these exclusive timepieces.

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