Undone’s SpaceXplorer watch lifts off today

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Undone’s SpaceXplorer watch lifts off today

Undone pay tribute to the coming of the second space age with their new limited edition SpaceXplorer watch.

As we move into a second era of space exploration and discovery, Undone immortalise recent achievements in their latest timepiece. Called the SpaceXplorer, the watch draws inspiration from many design elements that might ordinarily go unnoticed.

It would be hard not to notice the unique appearance of the hour hand on this watch. It’s shape replicates the collar section of the latest spacesuits as worn by the astronauts taking part in the recent SpaceX and NASA manned mission to the International Space Station.

The minute hand also holds significance as its shape bears a resemblance to the trajectory a spacecraft would take when leaving the Earth for an orbit of the moon. Perhaps more subtle, but possibly most impressive is how seconds are presented. Instead of a hand, as you’d find on most watches. The SpaceXplorer is fitted with a disc on which a dot rotates. This represents the orbit of the Moon around the Earth.

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More homage to SpaceX can be found in the watch too. The clock face is shaped to mimic a top down view of the Dragon V2 capsule. The rear of the watch, a place where Undone often hide cool design elements, also holds a surprise. A circular pattern echoes the landing pad of the SpaceX autonomous drone ship and bears the name given to it by Elon Musk, ‘Of Course I Still Love You’. Co-ordinates and the date of the mission also feature.

Each watch is presented in white and chrome with only the name of the piece appearing in red. The full face can be illuminated with a nitrous blue glow at night and each watch is waterproof to 50 metres.

Perhaps far more impressive than how deep underwater the SpaceXplorer can be taken is how high it can go. The casing of each timepiece is hermetically sealed to withstand up to five atmospheres.

So each watch is packed with cool features that are sure to spark conversation. But Undone have given thought to the packaging too. Each watch will be presented in a one of a kind box that pays tribute to Tamiya modelling kits.

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SpaceXplorer goes on sale today at 09:00 UTC and is limited to only 300 pieces. UK retail price is £305.00

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