The Unheard Nerd Mixtape | Hallowe’en Edition

The Unheard Nerd Mixtape | Hallowe’en Edition

The Hallowe’en podcast from The Unheard Nerd, this is the mixtape.

Your host is silent this week as Will brings an hour of the best creepy Nerdcore and indie Hip-Hop with a smattering of dub-step, electro and much more in-between, except talking. This is Hallowe’en music for nerds.

Submit your music for consideration via our contact form. Please note, not all music will be used, the process for compiling the show is very organic with an emphasis on maintaining the flow. Don’t despair, your track might appear on another show.

Music On This Show:

Lazy Habits| Ghosts (Intr0)

Soup or Villainz | Zombie

Navi | Don’t Call Me

Ghettosocks | Human Sacrifice

Torrentz | Let’s Get Bloody (Transition)

Egadz | Ghost

Grotesk The Subhuman | End Of The Party

MC Wreckshin | My House Is Fucking Haunted

The Herbaliser X Teenburger | March Of The Dead Things

MC Frontalot | Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead

Ish1da X Kutty Slitz | Raggnrocc

O_Super | Nightmare On Trap Street

Schaffer The Darklord | Boo! (I’m A Ghost)

Kordlyss | Knight Of Too Many Bars

Timbuktu | Fright Wig ft Wolves

Chadley | Scared Stupid

Beefy | Dexter

Jollimus | It’s Halloween Night

Band Class | EGBDF

ECOMOG | Dexter


Will Harrison

About the author | Will Harrison

Founder of The Unheard Nerd. A husband and father of two girls, Will is a fan of Nerdcore Hip-Hop, a comics fiend, a podcast host and champion of independent nerd culture. | Follow will on twitter: @TheUnheardNerd

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