VPC III Officially Confirmed

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VPC III Officially Confirmed

You asked for it… The VPC is back in 2014/15

With two successful campaigns under their belt Nerdcore Now are resurrecting the Vocalist, Producer Challenge for a third time with a fresh new outlook and impressive cash prize fund for those participating. Voters won’t be left out as a prize will be awarded to one lucky voter each round too!

Pairing Up

A vocalist and producer team up with the commitment to produce a new track for each of the five rounds of the competition. The pairing must stay together throughout the duration of the event. Failure to submit a track on time means exclusion from the contest. Each track will be voted upon based on how well they achieved complying with each round’s challenge.

The Challenges

Challenges will be set at the beginning of each round and will comprise of two vocalist specific and two producer specific tasks to comply with in the creation of their track. It may be producing a track with a certain mood, feel or using a sample in a creative way. For vocalists they may have to exhibit an emotion or show diversity through in their multis. It could be anything and challenges will only be set at the start of each round to avoid giving anyone a head start.

The Judges

The VPCIII will differ from those that came before with the introduction of a judging panel. Don’t panic, public voting will still take place and play an important role. So why judges? It’s hard work listening to upwards of 30 tracks and voting fairly based on the challenges set in each round, we get it! So leave that up to the judges. There will be four on the panel (to be revealed) which include a producer, record label owner, rapper and critic, they’ll be looking at the technical side of things and apportioning their votes, unbiased, based on their view of how well they believe each task has been achieved.

Public Vote

You are the fifth judge. We’d still encourage you to vote based on the challenges set, but ultimately you’re going to vote for the track you like best. As an added bonus, anyone that votes for every track in any given round will be entered into a prize draw to win a ‘Nerd Box’ of goodies ranging from CDs to T-shirts to comics and books plus more. There’s one for every round up for grabs.

More news to follow. Keep up to date with all the latest news from the VPCIII on FacebookYouTube and of course keep it locked onto The Unheard Nerd, the voters hub for VPCIII.


Will Harrison

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