All The VPCIII Judges Represent!

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All The VPCIII Judges Represent!

This Year’s Vocalist, Producer Challenge has a full compliment of judges with the final addition of a record label owner.

Rapper? Check, that’s Death*Star vocalist C0splay. Producer? Hell yeah! K Murdock’s got that covered. Critic? Oh yes. And finally a guy whose run his own record label for more than 15 years.

Bringing us the likes of Wordburglar, Swamp Thing and Backburner to the immense satisfaction of… everyone? The final judging panel member for the VPCIII is the man steadily steering the Hand Solo Records ship, Dougie Howitzer aka Thomas Quinlan!

Thomas brings a unique ear to the panel as a fan and critic rolled into one. His knowledge and opinions are his strong-hand.

With the panel complete all we need now is our fifth and final judge. YOU! Whilst the judging panel will focus on the technical aspects of the challenges set we will require you to do that same at most, vote for how well you liked each song at least, and remember, there will be prize bundles including Hand Solo goodies up for grabs each round to those who vote on each track.

For all the news follow the VPC on facebook.

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