The VPCIII Has A Second Judge

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The VPCIII Has A Second Judge

This year’s Vocalist Producer Challenge introduces judges alongside the public vote for the first time in the form of a rapper, producer, critic and record label owner.

Already announced at this year’s Orlando Nerdfest was one third of Seattle Nerdcore group Death*Star, the judge with the rapping pedigree, C0splay. Now it’s time to reveal who will be filling the spot as the authority on production as the second judge is…

…possibly best known for his work with Nerdcore big-hitter Random, aka Mega Ran, but an equally legitimate producer in his own right and an accomplished music professional. The all-round, incredibly amicable and talented K Murdock!

Kyle will add a professional ear to the judging panel with his ability to honestly asses the production side of the challenge. This year’s contestants are going to have to work hard to earn the points in the biggest VPC to date.

That’s two judges announced, two to go. Who will fill the final places? Keep it tuned to find out.

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