Walmart nail pop-culture automobilia with their latest grocery pickup TV ad

Walmart nail pop-culture automobilia with their latest grocery pickup TV ad

U.S. supermarket giants Walmart promote their grocery pickup service with the Batmobile, ECTO1, Bumblebee and more.

Walmart’s new television advert is a smorgasbord of pop-culture automobilia featuring iconic on-screen vehicles both old and new.

For younger viewers there’s the modern Batmobile and Bumblebee from the recent Transformers spin-off movie. But for most the ad will spark waves of nostalgia as famous cars from the eighties and nineties steal the show.

Ghostbusters fans will recognise ECTO1 not only by site, but by the familiar siren that the vehicle emits. Slimer causes havoc in the parking lot. The Mystery Machine reveals the paw of a certain great dane, hungry for Scooby Snacks. Fred Flintstone’s stone age car assumes a familiar position and velociraptors, found in Jurassic Park, make life difficult for one Walmart employee.

Taking centre stage though are K.I.T.T from Knight Rider and a certain, famous time travelling DeLorean, which clearly doesn’t need roads where it’s going.

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The advert promotes Walmart’s free grocery pickup service. Shoppers can order their goods online and collect from a designated Walmart without leaving their car. Store employees will bag your order and load it into your car.

Well played Walmart, this is one of the best advertisements we’ve seen in a long time.

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