Wanna Be A Ghostbuster? You Need A Proton Pack!

Wanna Be A Ghostbuster? You Need A Proton Pack!

A new licensed kit from Anovos allows you to build your own Ghostbuster’s Proton Pack. But it’s rather pricey!

The main tool of the Ghostbuster‘s arsenal is the Proton Pack. An unlicensed nuclear accelerator that throws a proton stream of positively charged ions across the room, enabling you to catch that pesky ghost!

Fans have been building replica’s of these classic Ghostbuster’s prop ever since the film was released. With the emergence and growth of the internet since the original film in 1984, fans can help each other source parts and discuss the best ways to create their own Proton Packs.

But every so often another option comes becomes available, a licensed replica. For example in December of 2010, Matty Collector released a replica (with working lights and sound) PKE meter which they followed up with a Ghost Trap less than a year later.

Now Anovos have announced plans to release a  licensed replica of the Proton Pack in November of 2016, however, it’s going to cost you.

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The price for the kit is $600. That will get you all the parts, made from various materials such as fibreglass, polyurethane, PVC, and ABS plastic, needed to build the proton pack. You’ll still need glues, paint and tools to assemble this and their obviously not included.

If you want to wear the pack on your back like a real Ghostbuster, the metal frame and straps go for an additional $40. If you want the full Ghostbusters experience, an optional light and sound electronics package featuring movie sound effects will be available at a later date with a price yet to be specified.

This is clearly aimed at the collectors market and the pictures of the prototype do look amazing, even if they clearly contain metal components that as already stated, won’t be in the finished product.

You can find out more and pre-order at Anovos.


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