Warner Bros Pulls The Plug On LEGO Dimensions

Warner Bros Pulls The Plug On LEGO Dimensions

Another toy and video game combination bites the dust as LEGO Dimensions is officially cancelled.

LEGO Dimensions was a toys-to-life format in much the same vein as the also cancelled Disney Infinity series. These toys bridged the gap between reality and video games by allowing children to play as their favourite characters both off-screen and on.

LEGO Dimensions was released two years ago in September of 2015. The starter pack contained the Dimension portal, Batman, Gandalf, Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie and the Batmobile.

As with all LEGO sets, you have to build everything yourself but this time the instructions were relayed on-screen as part of the game.

The main plot of the game involves the heroes from various dimensions trying to stop the evil Lord Vortech who wished to have supreme control over the entire LEGO multiverse.

As the game progressed you can swap which character you wanted to play and several of the puzzles involved you moving the characters around on the Portal playset which is connected to the game console via USB.

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LEGO started to release more game packs as time went by that allows you to play the main game as a different character or play in different LEGO universes.

I personally owned the Back to the Future pack that came with a Marty McFly and hoverboard that allowed you to play through that particular universe.

I also have the Ghostbusters (2016) pack which contained a brand new LEGO design for the portal board, a rendition of the Chinese restaurant from the film as well as a mini figure of Abbey Yates and an ECTO1 vehicle.

In total, LEGO released nine waves of these addon sets that allow you to play in the game as your favourite character from a choice many films, television and video game properties.

For example, the list includes Knight Rider, The A-Team, Ninjago, Mission: Impossible and Scooby Doo.

LEGO Dimensions

But unfortunately, LEGO Dimension hasn’t been quite the huge success that they were hoping for. Whilst the brand enjoyed a strong start, sales have been declining over time.

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The last wave of additional figures, Wave 9, was just released last month and included Beetlejuice, Teen Titans GO and the Powerpuff Girls.

Today the official cancellation came from the LEGO Dimensions twitter account.


It’s good to know that online support will be maintained as that’s how LEGO Dimensions downloads the new levels and characters when you place the pieces on the portal board.

It’s a shame we’ll never get to see what was planned for Wave 10 and beyond but know you’ll be able to collect more LEGO Dimension pieces as prices are now to surely drop.

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