Watch Kevin Smith’s ‘Hollyweed’ Pilot And Help Greenlight The Show

Watch Kevin Smith’s ‘Hollyweed’ Pilot And Help Greenlight The Show

Two years after filming the pilot episode, Kevin Smith’s ‘Hollyweed’ finds a platform where viewers decide if the show makes it to series.

Having shot a pilot episode more than two years ago it looked like Kevin Smith’s stoner comedy ‘Hollyweed’ was a non-runner.

With aspirations of finding a home for the show, ‘Hollyweed’ failed to get picked up through traditional routes. But now it looks like fans may get to enjoy a series after all. As long as they’re willing to open their wallets.

Smith wrote and stars in the show alongside comedian Donnell Rawlings (Chappelle’s Show) as pair of pot store owners trying to carve out a living in Hollywood. In a particularly dialogue heavy role (far removed from his portrayal of Silent Bob) Smith plays Pete, something of a master weed cultivator.

Staying true to form, there are frequent collaborators of Smith’s attached to the show. Ralph Garman who hosts the weekly podcast ‘Hollywood Babble-On’ alongside the director features, as well as Jason Mewes, who most remember as Jay (to Smith’s Silent Bob), also has a small role.

Kevin Smith's Hollyweed

Kevin Smith and Donnell Rawlings star as pot store owners in ‘Hollyweed’.

The 25 minute pilot is entertaining, rattles along at a good pace and provides enough laughs to showcase the show’s potential.

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Fans of the veteran indie movie maker will be pleased to discover that you can now watch the pilot, for free, online. ‘Hollyweed’ is the inaugural show for a new crowdfunding platform

The concept is simple. Watch a pilot episode for free. If you dig it, pledge how much you would be willing to pay per episode if the show was made into a series (from $1.99 to $5.99). Over a period of 45 days, If enough money is pledged, the show gets made and you get to enjoy it. Simple. Rivit expect shows to release weekly once greenlit within three months of reaching their target.

Unfortunately the platform is not open to anyone in the EU to pledge at present, and other regions are restricted too. But you can still view the pilot episode here.

Kevin Smith is no stranger to crowdfunding projects. He has successfully funded movies in the past and has built such a strong and loyal fanbase that I’m in no doubt that ‘Hollyweed’ will become a full series before the year is out.

Head over to the campaign page to pledge and view the pilot episode.

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