Wear The Falcon On Your Feet With Po-Zu’s Newest Star Wars Kicks

Wear The Falcon On Your Feet With Po-Zu’s Newest Star Wars Kicks

Just a month ago ethical shoe manufacturer Po-Zu revealed their Han Solo inspired shoes. Their latest design features the Millennium Falcon for your feet.

They may not make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs but Po-Zu’s latest additions to their Star Wars range will put Falcons on your feet.

Tying in nicely with the release of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘ hitting the big screen in May, Po-Zu revealed their Han Solo inspired shoes last month in March. But they’re not done.

The latest additions to their already extensive Star Wars range are these clean looking low-cut vegan lace-ups. The white canvas shoes come with a detailed, top down schematic print of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon along each side.

Po-Zu Millennium Falcon Shoes

What I particularly like about this design is that it isn’t immediately obvious what it is to a casual observer. But bet on your Star Wars fam spotting those iconic exhaust ports.

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You’ll need a smuggler’s bounty to buy them though as a pair of Po-Zu ‘Falcon’ shoes will set you back £59.00. That’s a high price for a canvas shoe.

As always Po-Zu shoes are vegan friendly and manufactured using ethically sourced materials using fair trade practices.

Po-Zu Falcon can be purchased now via their website.

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