Wewanna:Play | Multiplayer Gaming App

Wewanna:Play | Multiplayer Gaming App

An award winning app is looking to solve the problem gamers all over the world have. You want to chill out and play a game online, but none of your friends are logged in and you keep getting your arse handed to you by some twelve year old with the ability of a pro-gamer.

CEO of the app Wewanna:Play, Deepak, was extremely annoyed by this conundrum and set about a mission to find a solution.

“After facing the problem of organising gaming session with friends whilst being abroad, Dee actually stopped playing online. On a short visit back to the UK, where he worked with Gamestation Birmingham to organise tournaments, he realised that all gamers faced the same issue but simply put up with it. Armed with an idea and a vision, he decided to pitch an event which brought technical and business minded folk together. 48 hours later, Wewana:Play was born.”

The app is available on any smart phone and connects to your gaming networks to know which of your gaming friends play which games, and do one simple yet revolutionary thing – Let you schedule games in advance!

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Now the app is getting attention for publishers too with Virgin Gaming coming onboard as a promotional partner.


For more information visit http://www.wewanaplay.com and to download the app visit the App Store for Apple devices and the Play Store for Android.

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