What Could Have Been…Video Games | Goldeneye (Xbox360)

What Could Have Been…Video Games | Goldeneye (Xbox360)

The Nintendo 64 had the much-loved title Goldeneye 007. So did the Xbox 360…almost!

With Microsoft purchasing game developers Rare, many hoped their classic software collection would be ported and upgraded to the more powerful Xbox360 hardware.

One of these titles was the much loved first person shooter, Goldeneye 007, which went on to become the third best-selling Nintendo 64 game of all time.

Closely following the events of the film, the game had you play as James Bond once again trying to save the world. The game also featured multiplayer for up to four people using split screen, a first for gaming consoles at the time.

Goldeneye was rumoured to be in development as a download title from the Xbox Live Arcade online store. The game was apparently in development around 2007/8 but the title, much to fans dismay, never arrived.

In August of 2016, a video appeared on YouTube by Rare Thief, consisting of thirty minutes of Xbox360 Goldeneye footage. The game looks wonderful and even featured an option where you can switch between the HD remake and original N64 texture’s on the fly. This allowed you instantly see the difference between two versions of the game created ten years apart.

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Once the footage started to spread, someone tweeted Xbox boss Phil Spencer if this was the rumoured Xbox360 version. Whilst he didn’t confirm either way, he did mention that putting Goldeneye on a different console was a rights issue.

This was true as the title involves three companies, Microsoft, Activision, who then owned the James Bond game licence and finally Nintendo. Whilst a three-way deal initially was in place, it’s been reported that Nintendo Japan refused permission at the last moment.



There was hope that the game would appear on Rare Replay Collection, an Xbox One title consisting of thirty classic games from their thirty-year history. Rare stated they wanted to choose games featuring original characters created by themselves, therefore Goldeneye‘s chances of appearing on the compilation were reduced to zero very early on.

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