What To Expect From Daredevil Season 2 Hitting Netflix In March?

What To Expect From Daredevil Season 2 Hitting Netflix In March?

Netflix is on an unforeseen roll with its original content, having now produced a number of original shows and even the recent film Beasts Of No Nation.

A great deal of this content has received stellar critical acclaim, but it’s arguable that even within this success, the superhero series Netflix has co-produced with Marvel have been the best of the bunch Daredevil was a pretty stunning triumph given how disastrous the 2003 film of the same name was, and it’s possible that the more recent Jessica Jones was even better. Indeed, the show boasts a 93% positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

If we know anything about superhero cinema (and TV, I suppose) fans, it’s that we’re all impatient. We always want to see our heroes taking on new and bigger challenges, or gathering exciting allies drawn from comic lore. In that vein, the success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones only had us wanting more, and recently there’s been exciting news that more might be coming a little bit sooner than expected. Daredevil‘s second season was expected some time in April 2016, but according to Comicbook.com, it may actually be pushed up a month for a March debut on Netflix. Happy New Year, everybody!

Even more exciting is the fact that we’re starting to see some imagery and hear some details about the action from the coming season. Here’s a little bit about what we’ve learned.

First and foremost, Elektra will be in this season. A recent reveal posted at Den of Geek shows a quick clip of Elodie Yung in the role, and frankly she’s looking pretty badass. Yung was announced some time ago for the part, but the actual glimpse of her character seems to promise a significant role, and most fans of the Daredevil comics would probably agree it’s about time. The character was played by Jennifer Garner in a horrendous sequel to the 2003 Daredevil film, but beyond that she’s never really gotten a fair shake among Marvel heroes, despite the much-publicized desire among fans for more female protagonists. Elektra is the subject of one of the titles among Betfair’s casino slots, where she’s essentially given equal attention to Daredevil. Her classic character image and weaponry are used there to liven up the slot machine experience for fans. Additionally, she made it into Marvel‘s popular Contest Of Champions mobile game relatively recently as a playable character. But Yung’s portrayal will be the most significant appearance of the character in modern pop culture, and a lot of us just can’t wait to see it.

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Alongside the Elektra reveal, we also got our first glimpse of Jon Bernthal as The Punisher, which for many is equally exciting. The Punisher has something of a cult following within the Marvel fan base, and he’s actually suited very well to the darker side of superhero action that Marvel and Netflix have designed. In this world there’s more hand-to-hand action, as opposed to the high-tech, semi-supernatural blasting back-and-forth that goes on in Avengers films. And that should suit The Punisher just fine. This too will mark a character’s first real shot in modern Marvel cinema (or TV) as we know it, though The Punisher has featured in numerous films over the years (most recently 2008’s Punisher: War Zone). Incidentally, The Punisher is also in the ‘Contest Of Champions’ game, though he’s been there from the beginning whereas Elektra was a late addition around the same time as the Elodie Yung casting news was trickling out.

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Character reveals aside, we’ve also learned that season two of Daredevil will evidently display a determination from the creators to improve on one of the few flaws of the first one: a pace that dragged at times. Entertainment Weekly revealed that the intent is for this season to have a faster pace, more romance, and a focus on the morality debate surrounding The Punisher and his controversial, antihero antics. That sounds pretty good, as the first season did start to crawl once or twice, arguably going a little too far with origin construction.

It’s all coming soon, folks. And if you haven’t done so already, use the time between now and the season two debut to check out Jessica Jones. It’s really a unique triumph for Marvel.

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