What Your Toast Is Really Missing Is Sonic The Hedgehog

What Your Toast Is Really Missing Is Sonic The Hedgehog

Does it toast faster? Who knows, but this Sonic the Hedgehog toaster brands your bread with SEGA’s famous figurehead.

SEGA needed to sell 1000 of these specially branded toasters to fund the product. At the time of writing, and with one day to go, they’ve sold almost 1400.

It seems that people simply need Sonic the Hedgehog toasted into their bread in the morning. Listed on the SEGA store, the product looks like a standard toaster to the untrained eye. But the Sonic branding on the side is a clue as to what you’re getting if you’re one of the hundreds of people that stumped up $34.95 for partially toasted bread.

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Yep. Your Sonic the Hedgehog toaster might get you your morning slices a bit quicker because it’s literally only toasting half the bread.

Sonic The Hedgehog Toaster

The stainless steel appliance has two slots for bread and will toast the face of Sonic onto one side of each slice. One would hope that the other side is fully toasted, though this is not clear.

The gaming company crowdfunded the Sonic toaster stating that it needed to sell at least 1000 units to make it viable. It easily surpassed this number and fans of Sonic, and toast, can expect a prompt delivery of their new kitchen appliance from October 1st.

Find out more at the SEGA store.

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