When Nostalgia Hits Hard, Embrace It – Play These Online Games With Your Friends

When Nostalgia Hits Hard, Embrace It – Play These Online Games With Your Friends

Despite the sophistication of modern gaming, many choose to revisit their formative years as the retro gaming resurgence continues to grow.

Gone are the days when gaming used to be just about giving commands to the characters on the screens. In the 21st century with the introduction of motion-sensor devices and virtual reality gaming has become this whole new interactive experience which allows you to enter the realm of the virtual.

Despite such massive developments in technology the retro gaming is becoming very popular lately. People are giving up high-end graphic intensive games for 8-bit gaming. What could be the driving force behind this shift in behaviour? It is nostalgia setting in that is causing people to relive their childhood through these games.

We bring you some of the best retro games to play online with your friends.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Nintendo launched this arcade game in the year 1981 and even as it approaches its 40th anniversary Donkey Kong is still one most famous games in the world. There are three main characters in the game, the hero named Mario, his love interest Pauline, and the villain Donkey Kong. The plot is that Mario is supposed to overcome various hurdles in order to rescue Pauline who has been held captive by the Donkey Kong.

Both the hero and the villain went on to become widely popular figures among the arcade game lovers. The villain might even be the reason why North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un likes Donkey Kong. 

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is a hedgehog who takes it upon himself to save the world from the evils of Doctor Eggman (Robotnik) who has plans of world domination. The blue coloured Sonic has a superpower viz. He can run at supersonic speed. Sonic also has company in this perilous mission. His friends Amy, Knuckles and Tails accompany him to take down Doctor Eggman.

If we add up the sales of this Sega game and other spin-offs with similar characters it amounts to 90 million copies all over the world.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter

Street Fighter was developed by Capcom and still remains the prototype for the one-vs.-one fighting genre. Mortal Kombat is one of the more popular successors of this game. There are multiple fighters of different nationalities to choose from in Street Fighter. The fighters’ style also varies depending upon their nationality. The global sale of this game and its later versions is about 41 million units.

Kids these days would know nothing about the days when violence in games was just about martial artists fighting each other and not gory bloodshed that could traumatize you to the core.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Crossover 2

Every kid from the 90s would recognize the classic tune from the Super Mario Bros. instantly. That speaks of the vast popularity of this game. Super Mario Crossover 2 uses the same theme as the original game. The major difference in this game is that it allows you to use characters from various games, hence the name crossover. After crossing the eight worlds with four levels each you have to finally rescue Princess Peach.

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