Will Smith Fights Himself?! First Trailer For Gemini Man

Will Smith Fights Himself?! First Trailer For Gemini Man

An ageing assassin finds himself under attack from a clone who predicts his every move

Director Ang Lee, best known for films such as The Life of Pi and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, takes on a science fiction tale.

Will Smith is the assassin Henry Brogen and wishes to leave his current career but he finds himself under attack from another assassin who can predict his every move. He soon discovers that the assassin is a cloned 25-year-old version of himself.

This project was first developed by Disney way back in 1997. Disney’s special effects company, the now defunct, The Secret Lab,  produced a short test film to see if they could produce a younger version of an actor using the latest CGI technology.

Whilst the test is certainly very impressive for 1997 CGI computing power, it wasn’t up to the standard that Disney required for the film.

GEMINI MAN The Digital Human Face R&D Project from Jammie Friday on Vimeo.

The Gemini Man project went through many leading actors and script rewrites until 2016 when Paramount Pictures bought the project from Disney and Ang Lee was hired to direct.

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The CGI creation of younger actors is becoming more impressive over time with my favourite example being the young Michael Douglas from the start of Marvel’s Ant-Man.

Weta Digital from New Zealand, who are one of the most impressive special effects companies around today, are responsible for bringing this young Will Smith to the screen. They were also responsible for creating 350 digital shots of Paul Walker to complete his role in Furious 7.

Gemini Man opens in the US and UK on the 11th of October, everywhere else check your IMDb listings.


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