Will that rare Sony/Nintendo PlayStation top a million dollars?

Will that rare Sony/Nintendo PlayStation top a million dollars?

The retro gaming community is buzzing as the only known Sony/Nintendo PlayStation prototype is currently up for auction. But will it make that $1m mark?

As we reported in December last year, an exclusive and illusive piece of video games history has been put up for auction. Lot #93060 is the only known prototype console built collaboratively between Sony and Nintendo. It is in essence the very first PlayStation, a hybrid between Sony’s iconic first console and Nintendo’s SNES. If you don’t know the history of this unit, feel free to catch up here.

Terry Diebold has owned the machine for a number of years but never found a way to make money from it. Touring around conventions led to Terry being out of pocket in transport and accommodation costs. In October 2019 he took to social media looking for sensible bids for this one-of-a-kind games console.

Diebold reportedly turned down a bid of $1.2million from a private buyer. An offer he rejected. Instead choosing to list his Nintendo PlayStation with Heritage Auctions. Bidding opened a few days ago and quickly surpassed $300,000.

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At the time of writing bidding has stalled at $350,000. A long way off that expected $1million mark. At the moment the auction is accepting blind bids, but from February 27th the unit’s reserve price will be published. If it’s considerably higher than bid received we may see a flurry of activity.

As it stands Diebold maybe should have accepted that $1.2million offer last year?

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