William Gibson’s Unused Alien 3 Script Becomes Comic

William Gibson’s Unused Alien 3 Script Becomes Comic

Dark Horse has adapted the unused Alien 3 script from revered science fiction author, William Gibson

The science fiction author, William Gibson, is probably most famous for creating the term ‘cyberpunk’, the joining of high tech with low life. Examples of this genre include the films such as Blade Runner and The Matrix Trilogy.

There have been attempts to adapt Gibson’s own work into films but the results were disappointing. The most famous example was 1995’s Johnny Mnemonic starring Keanu Reeves.

Gibson has also worked on other projects within the film and television industry. In September of 1987, he was one of the first people contacted to write a script for Alien 3.

Alien 3, released in 1992, had a long and arduous spell in development hell chewing up several writers and directors before David Fincher finally brought the finished product to the big screen albeit with many fights with 20th Century Fox along the way.

I won’t go into the fine details but I do recommend the three hour documentary on the Alien Quadrilogy Blu-Ray box set entitled Wreckage and Rage: Making Alien3.

Gibson’s Alien 3 script explored the idea of why the company in the background of the Alien franchise, Weyland Yutani, were so desperate to use the xenomorphs as biological weapons. The original plan for this story came the series producers, David Giler, Walter Hill and Gordon Carroll who had developed such a large story it was originally going to span two films.

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At this point, director Renny Harlin was involved in the project. The producers described Gibson’s script as, “a perfectly executed script that wasn’t all that interesting”. Gibson was asked back to rewrite the script with Harlin but he refused due to other commitments.

Now thanks to comic publishers Dark Horse, we will see how Gibson’s tale of Alien 3 could’ve looked thanks to a comic adaptation to be published later this year with art from Angel Catbird‘s Johnnie Christmas and Doom Patrol’s colourist Tamra Bonvillain.

Gibson’s action-heavy script took place directly after Aliens where Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop are captured by a group called the Union of Progressive People and are taken to a space station called Anchorpoint. After discovering the U.P.P. and the franchise’s shifty corporation, Weyland-Yutani, are running a secret arms race to develop an army of bloodthirsty xenomorphs, the station is overrun.

Despite Gibson’s work being thrown out at an early stage, one small detail did make it through to the final version of Alien 3, the barcodes tattooed onto the back of the convict’s necks.

Dark Horse has adapted the script into five issues and the first issue of William Gibson’s Alien 3 will publish on November 7th.


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