William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

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William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

Verily, A New Hope! – Ian Doescher takes on the writing persona of history’s finest bard to place onto page the epic story that is Star Wars – A New Hope as if written by William Shakespeare.

Fans of the film that would set in motion the beginnings of the sci-fi behemoth that is the Star Wars franchise will be all too familiar with the story of good versus evil, light versus dark and it’s dialogue which, be honest, most of us know word for word by now. However, you can experience the tale once more as if written by Bill Shakespeare himself  for the stage and the idea walks a fine line between money for old rope and sheer genius. I’d nudge a little towards the latter, personally.

The prospect could prove a little daunting for those not fond of the writing style of Shakespeare but actually becomes rather engrossing after just a short time. The storyline rattles long at an unexpected pace and before you know it Luke’s Aunt Peru and Uncle Owen are nothing more than a scorched mess on the desert floor of Tatooine and Luke is off gallivanting around the galaxy with an old guy,  an arrogant guy, a giant dog, a tin can and a camp irritant. Oh! and prepare yourself to actually read ‘Beep, boop, wheeee, whoop’ for R2D2’s lines are written as well.

Some artistic license has been allowed for as the story is fleshed out in a number of asides, something the author carries off with competence. Throughout the book you’ll know what’s coming and know the lines but it’s interesting to see how they’re conveyed in this unfamiliar style. Though on occasion certain classic quips lose their potency with longer, wordier, interpretations, for example:

Leia – ” ‘Tis quite a rescue thou hast plann’d for me. Thou hast come in, but how shalt thou go out? Hath folly been thy guide? “

Fans of both Shakespeare and Star Wars should have a blast with this book. Fans of either will most likely be amused. It’s certainly an interesting twist on A New Hope, I suspect a sequel to follow soon.



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    December 08, 2013

    That does sound interesting. I may add that to my Christmas list.


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    December 08, 2013

    The Big Lebowski also got Shakespeared and is awesome http://www.amazon.co.uk/Two-Gentlemen-Lebowski-Excellent-Tragical/dp/1451605811/


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