Word To The Nerd | Brzowski

Word To The Nerd | Brzowski

The interview podcast from The Unheard Nerd is back as Will speaks at length with emcee, Brzowski, about his new album Enmityville and his musical influences.

Coming out of Portland, Maine, Brzowski skypes in to talk at length with Will about his most recent album, Enmityville. Over the course of an hour the rapper/producer speaks about the topics addressed and critiqued in the release and his musical influences from rock and goth metal to hip-hop.

Enmityville is a hard hitting 12 track album offering a diverse blend of rap, rock – and more – that refuses to pull punches. Read our full review  of Enmityville here and find physical purchase options at Brzowski’s bandcamp page. Listen to the full interview to find out why digital downloads are priced at $777.00 and where to get them at a more wallet friendly price.

Utilising his inside knowledge as a key player in the running of Milled Pavement Records, Brzowski also reveals a little about the processes the independent record label goes through when releasing new music, and why an album might not hit fan’s ears until months after completion.

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