Wordburglar – Bill Mosienko (21 Seconds) | Video

Wordburglar – Bill Mosienko (21 Seconds) | Video

The moral of the story is, never give up. Wordburglar tells the true story of Bill Mosienko and his never say die attitude.

You don’t need to know much about hockey to appreciate the story of Bill Mosienko. Wordburglar uses his unique linguistic skills to tell the tale of the NHL’s fastest ever hat-trick.

The Chicago Black Hawks’ right wing player helped his team overturn a deficit by scoring an astonishing 3 goals in a just 21 seconds. The Black Hawks went on to beat the New York Rangers with Mosienko almost netting a fourth 45 seconds later.

This incredible feat happened on the 23rd March 1952 and Mosienko’s record hasn’t been bettered in the 67 years (to the day) since. It’s an inspirational story of one man refusing to give up against the odds. To make a herculean effort and overcome the seemingly insurmountable.

As the song reveals, Mosienko’s incredible achievement became a life lesson passed down from Wordburglar’s father. Now the rapper honours this moment in history with a video to accompany the song that appeared on his 2015 album ‘Rapplicable Skills‘.

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Expect new music from Wordburglar in the next couple of months.

About Wordburglar | Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, currently based in a secret headquarters somewhere in Canada, Wordburglar makes rap songs, comic books and hosts shows. His sixth full-length album “Rhyme Your Business” is out now.

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