Wordburglar drops a live video for ‘Your Friend’s Brother’

Wordburglar drops a live video for ‘Your Friend’s Brother’

Worburglar displays rap mastery with a live recording of ‘Your Friend’s Brother’. A track taken from his 2012 album, 3rdburglar.

Delving into his back catalogue, Wordburglar recently released a ten track sampler. The curated collection showcases his work over the last 15 years, including songs from each of his studio albums. It’s a ‘Best Of’ collection in some respects, except he’s too humble to name it so.

By way of promoting the collection the Toronto based rapper has released a live recording of the track ‘Your Friend’s Brother’. The song originally appeared on his third studio album, ‘3rdburglar’ which was released in 2012.

Through the song’s narrative the rapper embellishes a story of a childhood legend. That quirky older kid from school who had equal measures of cool and weird about him. Had neat stuff but did strange things with it.

This rendition of the song feels somehow more emotive that the album version. Wordburglar strolls through the ZED*80 arcade bar in Toronto reciting the lyrics whilst cleverly hovering at certain games machines referenced in the song.

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Wordburglar’s ‘10-Track Sampler’ is available to download now as a ‘name your price’ release via bandcamp.

Just a thought. If you were planning on paying for the release, bear in mind that Bandcamp will be waiving all artist fees on the first Friday of each month. So if you can wait a few days extra, any artist you buy from on Bandcamp will benefit more.

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