Wordburglar Invites You To A Mos Eisley Rap Show

Wordburglar Invites You To A Mos Eisley Rap Show

Canada’s finest verb hurdler – the one an only Wordburglar – invites you to join him at the Mos Eisley Cantina for for a trilogy of Star Wars raps.

Ahead of this May the Fourth’s Star Wars celebrations Toronto based rapper, Wordburglar, has dropped the most fire EP any ‘scruffy lookin’ nerf herder’ might ever need.

Keeping it trilogy fresh, ‘Mos Eisley Rap Show’ finds Wordburglar laying down his usual blend of tongue-in-cheek, pun-filled lyricism over beats created by Milk Plus, Timbuktu, Fresh Kils and Diagnostik80. Cuts come from More or Les.

The title track finds producer transforms a familiar theme from ‘A New Hope’ into a catchy hook whilst ‘Burgie offers a slightly more welcoming take on cantina life. Meanwhile ‘Torontaun’ places one of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’s’ most famous creatures into everyday Canadian life.

‘Mos Eisley Rap Show’ is available to pre-order for an absolute steal over on via bandcamp. Just a single dollar will get you a digital download of all three tracks. The EP will also be available on Spotify from May the Fourth.

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About Wordburglar | Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, currently based in a secret headquarters somewhere in Canada, Wordburglar makes rap songs, comic books and hosts shows. His sixth full-length album “Rhyme Your Business” is out now.

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