The Xbox One S Has Leaked And It’s Looking Sexy

The Xbox One S Has Leaked And It’s Looking Sexy

Xbox’s flagship console is getting a makeover. Sleeker, slimmer, sharper. The Xbox One S leaks ahead of E3.

From a personal perspective I have always favoured the aesthetic of the Xbox One over its prime competitor, the PS4 from Sony, now – a day ahead of the Microsoft’s E3 2016 media briefing – a couple of images of a slimmer, sharper looking updated version of the console has leaked, and it’s a vision in white!

NeoGaf user ‘KawabataSan’ has been credited with the initial leaked image which was followed up by user ‘ekim’ with another image showing the console standing vertically. It’s the first visual though that gives us the most information about the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S Leak

Most obvious, other than the fact that this updated version is white with black contrasts, is that the console is purported to be 40% smaller than the current model. This stat is made all the more impressive by claims that the power block is now housed internally.

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For fans of high definition gaming the Xbox One S will deliver 4K Ultra HD video and HDR (High Dynamic Range – In simplified terms – boosts the range of contrast and luminosity to increase and improve depth in picture).

There’s a refined design for the controller too and for those that like to show off their console the ‘S’ will apparently come with a vertical stand, something seemingly confirmed in a second leaked image showing the console in an upright position.

Xbox One S Upright

There’s no news on an expected price point for the Xbox One S, but with all the information set to be officially released later today at E3, we don’t have long to wait.

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