The XBox One Turns One Today

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The XBox One Turns One Today

Just a week after its nemesis the XBox One celebrates a first birthday.

It was just a week ago that we celebrated the first anniversary of the launch of the Playstation 4 in North America, today it’s the turn of that other major console, the XBox One.

Unlike the PS4, the XBox One launched in multiple key regions around the globe simultaneously with North America, much of Europe, New Zealand and Australia being the first to have the opportunity to get their hands on Microsoft’s new flagship console first. But spare a thought for gamers desperate for the latest XBox in Japan, the middle east and the remaining European markets. Their patience was finally rewarded in September this year. Yes, just a few months ago.

The pre-release hype was severely dented by a muddled announcement from Microsoft that games for the XBox would be DRM restricted, severely limiting the ability for gamers to part with titles they had finished with and even offline games would require an online registration once every twenty four hours. The response was almost unanimous and after a series of ill-conceived quotes and press releases Microsoft finally clarified their position by shifting the focus away from the hardware provider and onto the games developers stating it would be up to the software houses whether they wished to make use of DRM or not.

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Further criticism came when the price was revealed as significantly more than Sony’s console with the bundled Kennect device failing to provide the justification for the difference for many. Criticisms were voiced too for the way the console looked with comparisons made to an outdated VCR, though personally I prefer the styling of the XBox over the PS4 which shares angular features.

This far the XBox One has failed to quite keep up with its main competitor in sales but still provides a tremendous home entertainment experience.

So, you’ve had that boxy piece of kit under your telly for a year now. How’s that working out for you? Let us know in the comments.


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