You’d Better REALLY Love Jurassic Park For The Price Of These D&G Clothes

You’d Better REALLY Love Jurassic Park For The Price Of These D&G Clothes

Jurassic Park hit U.S. cinemas 24 years ago, almost to the day, and endures as one of the most fun movies of our time. But would you pay £495 for a hoody?

Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking use of CGI to bring the dinosaurs back to life in his 1993 film ‘Jurassic Park’ cemented the movie’s place in cinematic history. And whilst digitised content has moved on significantly in in, what is almost, a quarter of a century since the film was released, Jurassic Park endures as a really great action flick.

It didn’t hurt that the film came with a pretty cool logo too. A dinosaur skeleton silhouette on a red background with that kooky font?

The image has been reproduced a million times on merchandise, especially t-shirts usually costing no more that £15/£20.

But how big a fan would you need to be to shell out £315 for a designer shirt pretty much the same?

D&G Jurassic Park Tee

£315 is exactly how much this shirt costs on the website Coming from Dolce & Gabbana this ‘Jurassic Park’ tee is barely distinguishable from any other cheaper version. Other than some contrasting stitching on the seams and the ‘Summer 1993’ splash at the hem you wouldn’t know the difference.

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D&G Jurassic Park Hoodie

But wait! There’s a hoodie too! D&G again, same design – £495. No wonder the model looks annoyed. These two items will have cost him a combined total of £810.

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