You’re One Ugly Mother Fu… | The Predator Returns! – First Trailer

You’re One Ugly Mother Fu… | The Predator Returns! – First Trailer

One of the classic sci-fi creatures returns in this sequel/reboot of The Predator

One of my favourite films, a classic piece of sci-fi action cinema starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator, was released in 1987. The story involved a crack squad of commandoes searching through a central American jungle in search of a missing cabinet aide. However, they would never have guessed that they would encounter an alien hunter who was tracking them for sport.

In fact, Jean-Claude Van Damme was to play the original creature but wasn’t very impressed with what he discovered on set. You can read more about that story in one of my What Could Have Been… articles.

Predator 2, released in 1990, would swap the jungle for a downtown cityscape with varying degrees of success. Afer that the Predator gained a co-starring role in two Alien vs Predator films (2004 & 2007).

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Finally, the Predator made a come back with his own solo movie in 2010, Predators. This, unfortunately, wasn’t a great return to form for the series and the franchise remained dormant ever since.

Now, new for 2018, director Shane Black has come full circle. Black played “Hawkins” in the original 1987 film as well as becoming a successful screenwriter and director including recent films such as The Nice Guys and Iron Man 3.

Black has co-written and directed this latest outing for the Predator which will act as part reboot, part sequel to the original 1987 film.

I have to admit the trailer doesn’t give me a lot of confidence but I hope this is just a case of misdirection.

Title: The Predator

Release | US: 14th September | UK: 14th September | World: IMDb


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