YT Cracker’s Introducing Neals, Potentially Much More Than An Album

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YT Cracker’s Introducing Neals, Potentially Much More Than An Album

YT Cracker is thinking big with a plan to turn his latest album into an anime musical and you can help.

Perhaps one of Nerdcore’s most ambitious projects to date veteran Nerdcore rapper, hacktivist and digital gangster YT Cracker is attempting to bring his latest album, Introducing Neals, to life as a full length anime musical. Having enlisted the help of animation studios around the world he now needs to fund the project. Turning to indiegogo his target is no modest sum. It’s going to take $133,700.00 to fully realise this movie. The signs are good though, one day into the campaign he’s already realised almost three and a half thousand dollars.

On his indiegogo page YT Cracker describes the premise of the project: “introducing neals is a retrofuture, cyberpunk “hiphopera” on the road to becoming an hour-long, musical anime. its purpose is to serve as a multimedia, multi-medium commentary on the open source movement, hacktivism, government surveillance, and net neutrality with familiar 1980s tropes and familiar 1980s corniness.

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He continues: “i need you to listen to the album “introducing neals” and think about how cool it would be as an animated movie.  you can pirate it, buy it, stream it on spotify, whatever – as long as you bump that ish.”

The album also launched yesterday and boasts an epic twenty four tracks which you can find on iTunes, bandcamp and most other digital music platforms. Check out this taster video and head over to indiegogo to learn more about the project, review the incentives and help make this ambitious project a reality.

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