The ZX Spectrum Returns With A Facelift!

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The ZX Spectrum Returns With A Facelift!

The Sinclair Spectrum is making a comeback in the form a new slim-lined console edition! Will this new edition bring back tides of nostalgia for thousands of adults throughout the UK?

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was part of a revolutionary time in the early 1980’s when technological entrepreneur Sir Clive Sinclair wanted to bring computing to the masses, in their own homes, for just over £100.

He had previously found success with portable radios, pocket calculators and the world’s first digital LCD watch and his next project was to be the personal home computer. At this time computers were limited to office and business use and cost anything from £300 upwards. The Sinclair ZX80 was launched at just £99.95.

It’s successor the ZX81 was even cheaper at £70 or even cheaper if you bought it in kit form and assembled the computer yourself. Spurred by competition from other companies, Sinclair continued and in 1982 released the ZX Spectrum with 16kb of ram for just £125 (£175 for the 48k version).

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The machine was a huge success and would soon end up in thousands of homes across the country…

And now the Spectrum lives again!

A new version will be launched next year following a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign which at the time of writing has already raised 10% more than it needs to with still fifty nine days left to go.

This computer will be called the ZX Spectrum Vega.




AS you can see, this unit is a reduced version of the popular home computer that has been specifically designed just to play games and the unit will apparently sell with 1000 games already preloaded on-board. It will also feature an SD card slot so you can load on even more games as the ZX Spectrum game count runs well into 20,000 titles.

The ZX Spectrum Vega will also emulate all known variations of the original hardware to ensure compatibility amongst the software titles.

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The first 1000 units will be sent to the campaign backers who donated £100 or more. Hopefully if/when the unit reaches retail the mass production will hopefully allow that cost to fall so the rest of us can put on a pair of rose tinted glasses and fire up a copy of Horace Goes Skiing.

To find out more visit the IndieGoGo Page.

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