The ZX Spectrum goes under the knife…again!

The ZX Spectrum goes under the knife…again!

The classic retro computer from the UK receives another facelift in a new crowd sourced campaign. Here is the ZX Spectrum Vega+!

Back in December of 2014, we reported on the successful indiegogo campaign to bring back the ZX Spectrum as a gaming machine. This would allow many a nostalgic fan to have a blast with the games they grew up playing as children.




The machine however was received with a mixed response. Designed with a gamepad in mind, physical controls were limited to four directions and a set of fire buttons. For those games that required more input, a virtual onscreen keyboard was available.

Fans were disappointed that this approach had been used for a computer where the two most common inputs where a physical keyboard or a traditional joystick.

Also the cost of £100 was rather high when you could easily use an emulator on a much cheaper device like the Raspberry Pi for example.

However, Sir Clive Sinclair, the inventor of the original ZX Spectrum in 1982, along with his design team have created a new portable version that they will hope appeal to the large retro fanbase. This is the ZX Spectrum Vega+.




The new machine, as you can see, now includes a LCD display to allow you to play your ZX Spectrum games on the move. ZX Spectrum Vega+ will come with 1000 licensed Sinclair Spectrum games already built in. If that isn’t enough there is a micro SD card slot so you can download and play any of the 14,000 games that were available for the 1980’s home computer.

If you want to find out more information and maybe even pledge a £100 to receive a unit from the first production run, head on over to the indiegogo The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus Console page.

Be careful to read the pledge descriptions, whilst they range from £5 to £1050, the £300 and £500 options don’t actually secure you a Vega+ unit. The first units will be available by September 2016.

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